It’s good to be back home. I missed my lovely Moo ~ and the gorgeous autumn weather we’ve been having. It’s also lovely to be back amongst all things yarny. I seem to come up with my best crochet ideas when I have neither the right yarn nor the right hook available. 4 days with only a 4mm hook ~ it seemed like it would work at the time!

Talking about crochet ideas, below are some sneak-peak photos of my latest project. I must confess though, that this idea wasn’t mine ~ I stole it off a friend (hi Lisa)! And worse still, I haven’t yet confessed in-person about this act of thievery, so this will be the first that Lisa knows of it, oops! 😀


I’ve wanted to do something with Noro Silk Garden for years. I see gorgeous sample garments and things made up with Noro in yarn stores, but even though I always admire them, nothing has even seemed quite “me” before… before Lisa’s Afghan Idea that is.

Afghan_5sml Afghan_6sml Afghan_8sml

One of the special things about Noro Silk Garden is how amazing the colours are. Also, the colour you see on the outside might be completely different to the colours inside. Rather than try and match it, I just buy a new ball of any colour whenever I’m running low.

Afghan_9sml Afghan_11sml