Instant Gratification Crochet


Even though I have (cough) six crochet projects currently on the go, I had this little idea the other night… for a spring-time anklet. I know, it’s not spring yet. In fact it’s freezing, grey, drizzly, and just blah. Which is all the more reason why a spring-time anklet seemed like an essential seventh project.


Anklet_5smlI bought this thread in New York last year. It was at the very back of a little haberdashery store in the Garment District – up a rickety staircase, buried in the bottom of a box. It’s Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, size 3… and so lovely to work with.

Obviously, it’s a favourite with Moo too.


Anklet_8smlThank you all for the lovely comments about my adorable knitted socks. I’m wearing the green and pink pair now…. so so warm and snuggly.

Love Terri and Moo xxx