Where have I been?


Hello lovely Readers, if you’re still out there!

I just looked back and realised it’s been almost four months since I’ve contributed even as much as a granny square to the crochet community. I’d like to give a reason, or to regale you with stories of my amazing adventures over the last months, but honestly, life just seemed to get in the way. I started the year in a crochet frenzy, complete with a new notebook full of ideas, and blog posting schedules, and photography topics and plans. I had really good intentions – honestly!

Some of my procrastination and frustration I’m sure, is due to unrealistically high standards I expect for my photos. We live in a long narrow house – the block is only 5.5 metres wide, and large parts of the year it’s really hard to get perfect light for perfect photographs. Some days it doesn’t even seem like the sun peeps over the fence at all! Every time I have something to photograph, I try to convince myself that the light will be fine, even when I know it’s not, and then get so disappointed when I download the photos and they’re just not quite right.

But this week I’ve started to miss my little blog, and all that comes with blogging – the people I talk too, reading your blogs, the projects I make and the projects you all make that inspire me. I thought I would give “not being perfect” a go, and to post nearly-there photos … that I’m sure nobody will complain about.

So, without any photo-quality apologies, because I’m not doing that anymore, here are some pictures of the blanket I finished a few months ago for Bella’s Babies. It’s 8ply 100% cotton, with the design idea from Color’n Cream.

Baby Blanket_1_BB

Baby Blanket_11sml

Baby Blanket_23sml

Baby Blanket_12sml

Baby Blanket_25sml

Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS I didn’t feel right ending this without giving you a little update on lovely Moo. She is well, and happy, in fact happier than ever if that’s possible. On Sunday we’re taking part in Million Paws Walk. It’s an annual walk for dogs and humans to raise funds for the RSPCA. This will be Moo’s 3rd year in a row – she counting down the days!

Colourful Cotton Baby Blanket ~ all finished!


I started this blanket back in February. It’s from a pattern called Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, from Purl Bee. This is destined for a new (non-puppy) baby of one of Moo’s friends, who will be joining us late April (fingers crossed)!



It is made using a gorgeous cotton yarn called Cascade Ultra Pima from Yarn Glorious Yarn.


This yarn is so nice to crochet with, and is kind of soft, and a little shiny.

Blanket_17sml Blanket_20sml

As new-baby is going to be a girl-baby, I had to add a few pinks and oranges, but the blues and turquoises in this yarn are just so lovely, that I couldn’t resist.

Blanket_7sml Blanket_8sml

Moo, of course, had to give it her paw-of-approval … since it’s for her friend and all …