Evie Muse


In February this year, a good friend of Moo and I had a gorgeous little daughter. Her name is Evie Muse (yes, I know, what an adorable name, right)?

I’m in the middle of a bigger gift for her, but I thought she might need a little beanie to get through the start of the Melbourne winter. It’s too small for her now though. Hopefully she has a new one, as it’s pretty cold here at the moment!









Yes, Moo liked it too!

In other news, I’m in the middle of a bit of a mid-winter slump. I have about six projects half finished, but can’t seem to get inspired to finish anything just at the moment. Actually, there’s probably more than six projects – I’m not thinking about it too much in case the number is even more embarrassing!

Love Terri and Moo x

A beanie obsession ~ the beginning…


During my hiatus from blogging, I developed a little bit of a beanie-making obsession. Like doilies, I really don’t think you can ever have enough beanies.


This one was my first. Current count is 4. The 5th will be started this afternoon. I really can’t help myself. 😀

BeanieOne_3sml BeanieOne_4sml BeanieOne_1sml

I used Adorn Silky Merino DK, from Wool Baa. I believe I’ve already gone on enough about how lovely this is to crochet with!

BeanieOne_5sml BeanieOne_7sml

Love Terri and Moo xxx