Away from Home


I’ve been away from home all week for work. I didn’t quite realise what a homebody I was until this week…. and worse than that, all the crochet I bought with me was finished before the plane even landed! In this city, there seems to be no yarn stores – not even a Spotlight for desperate circumstances.

Home tomorrow, and have big crafting plans. I have a crochet doilie/mandala for my mother, nearly finished. It’s in white viscose 4ply, with a silver thread through it. She is really a rather modern mother, so I was looking for something that she wouldn’t accuse of being too “granny”. I will take a picture on the weekend. I hope she will like it.

So, since there’s been no crafting, I’ve had to make do with looking at old projects. This pincushion was from last year. I love this fabric – it seems to pop up in quite a number of projects. Did you know there is a whole flickr group devoted to pin cushions?

…and this is the first ever project I made from a Mollie Makes magazine – one of the earliest editions last year. I love Mollie Makes. I wish it was from my country though, so I could visit the stores and markets they mention. This brooch was made using scrap 8ply wool. I’ve since made some with cotton/acrylic and they do work better. The “fluffiness” so lovely with wool does not work so well with brooches.

Aren’t these pencils lovely? They’re not mine, sigh….. I took this photo through the shop window.

Home tomorrow. I have it on good authority that Moo misses me just as much as I miss her.