The Lone Coaster


My lovely Mother-in-Law has requested some new coasters to replace the ones I made for her a year or two ago, that are getting old.

This one was a prototype.

Coaster_20smlI’m afraid it’s Not-Quite-Right.

Coaster_23smlIt is destined to remain alone.

Coaster_22smlI might take it to work for my desk I think. 🙂

Bloke Stuff


I’ve never quite understood why boys don’t love crochet as much as I do. I mean, what’s not to love?

So, when I had to find a birthday present for a male friend, I bought these lovely glasses. They were from the studio of Shelley Panton. These glasses are from Portugal, and come in the most gorgeous jewel colours. Of course, I had to buy something at least a bit boy-suitable.

But then, who could resist some little crochet coasters to match? These are made with 8ply wool ~ Cleckheaton Country Paint Box.

And then, whilst I was making boy-stuff, Moo asked if I could make a small present for her Dad. Well, as it was Saturday (beer drinking day), we decided on a crochet stubby holder. Moo’s Dad was very pleased!