Colourful Coaster Set


Well, the weekend is just about coming to a close, and I have very little crochet to show for it. I have this idea in my head for a granny square design… actually, I’ve drawn it so it’s now on paper. But, do you think I can work out how to turn it into crochet? No! I think I crocheted for six hours straight last night, and at exactly five minutes to midnight, I pulled it all apart and went to bed in disgust!

That’s not what we’re here for today though….

I’m so in love with the colours in my Spring Mandala by Made in K-Town, that I wanted to make something else with that colour combination. After a bit of fiddling around and note-taking and retrying, I came up with this coaster pattern.

Coasters_22smlI’ve only just discovered the crochet “top stitch” and I must say I’m a little obsessed. So easy,  such instant gratification.

Coasters_15smlThen I made my own mandala to match.

Coasters_33smlMoo approves, I think.. or maybe that’s a paw-stomp of disapproval?


…and being a labrador, she had to check for edibility…

Coasters_27smlCoasters_24smlWe hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, and that your crafting pursuits are going a lot more smoothly than ours are.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

PS If you’d like the pattern, I can write it out and post it here.

Coaster Success ~ I hope!


As I mentioned the other day, my lovely Mother-in-Law has requested some new coasters to replace ones I made for her a while ago that have become a little tatty.

The thing about coasters, in my opinion, is that they do need to be a little robust ~ capable of coping with an icy beer can, or absorbing a scattered biscuit crumb or two.

The size also has to be just right, I think.  Too small and a wine glass could topple drunkenly over the edge. Too large, and they start to look more like a small place-mat.

After a number failed attempts, I do think we have success.

Coasters_7sml Coasters_8sml Coasters_5sml Coasters_14sml  Coasters_9smlWhat do you think?

These are all made using Rowan Cotton Glace yarn and a 3mm hook.

In other news, I’ve just purchased some crochet pattern-making software from StitchWorksSoftware. If anybody is interested, I could try writing up the pattern. xxx