Spring Pouches!


Today was the first day of spring, thank goodness. I also just realised that Moo and I haven’t written for the whole of August ~ eek! It’s not that we weren’t crafting, I think it just got to that stage in winter where trying to get enough light for photographs just became all too much work. The house where we live is only 5.5 metres wide, and with the sun so low in the sky, our window of opportunity is rather slim.

But now it’s spring, and I feel like life has suddenly become brighter again! 🙂

I have a few projects still to photograph, but here is the first.

Pouch_16smlLittle Pouches, by Elisabeth Andree. Also, more pouches here and here!

Pouch_18smlPouch_22smlAren’t they just the cutest? The yarn I used is Cascade Ultra Pima. This is a wonderful, almost glowing cotton yarn – it’s definitely one of my favourites … and a 3.5mm hook

Pouch_19smlLike Elisabeth, I think this could become a rather addictive little project. They are so easy, and fast, and enjoyable to make, and Elisabeth’s pattern is really easy to follow.

Pouch_15smlPouchMoo_08smlDoesn’t Moo look like she’s sick of winter too?

It’s good to be back 🙂