Is it a Mandala or a Doily?


I never have quite worked out what to call these … is it a mandala, or is it a doily? Apparently, a mandala is a “square within a circle” and a doily is a “decorative mat”. Well, there’s no square within the circle, but it still seems to be the common term.

I was reading Wink’s gorgeous blog the other day, which inspired me to make something a bit more multi-coloured. Whilst this isn’t an exact pattern from Wink, I did read about the way she finishes off each row and sews in the end, before starting the new row in a different spot. Normally, I’m too lazy for such things, but honestly, I think the effect is worth it ~ much neater.

This Doilandala (yes, we’re going with that) is primarily Rowan Cotton Glace, with a small amount of Koigu.


Mandala_2smlDoilandala was gifted to a lovely lady as a small birthday something.

Mandala_9smlI rather like the colour combination.

Mandala_19smlMoo is not amused that Doilandala seems to be taking over the back garden!


Just in time for Christmas


Well, I know it’s now two days after Christmas, but these were finished in time ~ honestly! Four crochet stool covers for the four littlest children to sit on, at Christmas lunch.


I love the colours in the latest two. Kind of Christmassy but not too Christmassy. And I’m pleased to report, they were a resounding success on the day!

This one is from the gorgeous pattern by Petra, which I found on this blog by Crochet Missy. It’s really quite easy to follow and comes together very quickly.




This one is from the lovely Alice at Crochet and Healing with Raymond. I’ve used this Mandala pattern many times for doilies and such, and it will always be a favourite I think. I really love the colours in this one too.



….. and here they are all together.


….. and Moo was hoping they’d get her just close enough to childrens’ plates to steal the ham!


Moo and I hope you all had a splendid, relaxing Christmas. Thankyou for being part of my six-months-so-far blog journey.

Love Terri and Moo xxx