The finished pin-cushion..


Well, here it is … finished.

PinCushion_25smlI love the colours, but I’m not overly in love with it. I’m a little pleased though, that this is my own pattern. I think I may have over-stuffed it, as I don’t think the shape is quite right.

PinCushion_15smlPinCushion_13smlOnce it’s looked after some pins for a while and the stuffing softens, we’ll see if it improves.

PinCushion_17smlMoo thought you might like to admire her lovely ear.

PinCushion_22smlLove Terri and Moo xxx



This was one of those 3am ideas that must be started immediately.

wip_9smlAs my sister-in-law is currently sleeping in my craft room, I had to use the only yarn that was not currently packed away in its appropriate home (yes, I know, I get extra points for tidy-house this week)!

wip_10smlThis pincushion is for my mother for Christmas. I’ve already given her the “real” present, but wanted a little something for Christmas Day (hopefully she doesn’t read this before then)!

wip_11smlThe little flower in the middle is made using popcorn stitch… I quite like the effect. The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima.

Three more sleeps till Christmas. We just got back from Moo’s Christmas Party with her pals at the puppy park. She is exhausted. Actually, we all are! It’s hard work eating and drinking and being merry!

Love Terri and Moo xxx

Two of my favourite things


After making my last pin cushion, I couldn’t help but think that I really do have room for a whole nest of pin cushions.

This design has been swirling in my mind for a little time now, but I’ve had other things to finish first. I wanted to combine granny squares, easily my favourite thing, with pin cushions.


She is made from Rowan 4ply Cotton Yarn, using a 3mm hook.



I made the flower up myself. I’m not sure, do you like it?


I guess maybe it would work without a flower too, but really, any excuse to add some buttons!


When it was time to stuff her, I realised we had a problem. Granny squares do tend to allow for that age old problem, stuffing-ooze. So, a little cotton undergarment was in order.



I hope you like her 🙂

A Prickly Present!


My goodness it was hot today! It reached 40.8 C in Melbourne this afternoon, and at nearly 8pm it’s still 39 Celsius.

Since this latest project is actually a belated Christmas present for a friend and still needs to be posted to the other side of the country, I thought I better get it photographed and wrapped – regardless of the heat and fading light.

Pin Cushion_9sml

Pin Cushion_1sml

I’ve been wanting to try out this pin cushion pattern for a while now. I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest and Flickr of similar, but haven’t actually seen a pattern.

Pin Cushion_6sml

Pin Cushion_2sml

So, this was a made-up-by-me effort, and I’m quite pleased with it. Actually, I wrote down the pattern so if anyone wants it, I could certainly try to transcribe it into something half coherent!

Pin Cushion_7sml

This was made using Rowan 4ply Cotton. I love this yarn. It could be made quicker using an 8ply, but I like the finer look of the 4ply.

Pin Cushion_10sml

Moo really had no interest, it was so much nicer on the sofa in front of the aircon.

Pin Cushion_16sml

Well, I better get it wrapped up and posted!