Yippee! I’m going to Crochet Camp!


Well, technically I’m already here! 😀


The wonderful Kat Goldin from Slugs on the Refrigerator (I know, it’s the coolest name ever) is hosting a four week Crochet Camp Extravaganza! Luckily, it’s only a virtual camp, since Moo and I are more 5-star kinda girls to be honest. But isn’t it gorgeous, to imagine crochet peeps all over the world, busily hooking these so cute Cherry Delicious Pot Holders.

If I’d bought the kit, then this would be made from aran weight (10 ply) cotton, but since I really can’t justify any more yarn just at the moment, or for the next 2 years really, this one is made with my trusty Deramores Stylecraft Special DK.

Camp_1smlIt really is rather cute, isn’t it?

Camp_3sml Not quite my normal style, but I think that’s half the fun, right?

Camp_4smlIf anyone’s interested, it’s not too late to join. The tents are really not too bad, and there are a couple of pubs up the road. 😀

Not your average Crochet ~ CAL Week 7


I’m having so much fun with this CAL. We’re now up to Week 7. Hannah posts the update at about 1 minute past midnight on Saturday mornings, which is just after lunch for me… just in time to sit down with a cup of tea and get started.

CAL_6smlAfter I did the fluorescent green row in the star pattern (near the red row) I had a definite “what was I thinking?” moment. But really, it’s meant to be absolutely every colour, so I guess it really is! 😀

CAL_4smlThankyou to the lovely Hannah for this CAL ~ I’m having so much fun.

CAL_1smlPS This old chair belonged to my Great Aunty Phil. It was her sewing chair for many years. When she died, it became my Nanna’s sewing chair. Now it is mine. It does need to be recovered which is certainly on my List!

A work in progress…


Ever since I made my own hot water bottle cover, husband has been waiting very patiently for his own version.

I thought I better get started before winter comes to an end! 😀

Water Bottle_1sl

I’m really liking these colours together. I don’t normally put blue and green together, but there are so many colours in this Stylecraft yarn that there always seems to be just the right shade.

Water Bottle_3sml

I suppose I should start the other side now. Repeats are just never as much fun ….

Water Bottle_4sml

Hats for Bella’s Babies


When I was preparing for my New York holiday in April, I was looking around for a local knit / crochet charity. I knew I’d have about 20 hours of crochet time on the plane, and wanted to make something that I didn’t have to bring back home with me.

I came across Bella’s Babies. Their goal is to “Send every baby born at Southside Hospital home in something warm and cozy. Southside Hospital is located in Bay Shore on Long Island. They deliver about 200 babies a month. Most of the families who have babies there have nothing to bring their babies home in.”

Now that I’m back home, I still wanted to contribute, if only in a little way.


These little baby hats (I call them beanies) are made from Stylecraft Special DK. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s so lovely to work with, for an acrylic yarn.


Purchased from Deramores, the delivery cost to Australia is very reasonable, and it comes in 52 colours!


I have a good selection of colours now (and more on the way, shhhh)! I did become a little obsessed with colour choice, as you can see. Some combinations work better than others.


The pattern is a very easy one, and is available for free if you join the Bella’s Baby Yahoo Group.

Beanie_10smlBeanie_18smlI feel I need to apologise for the photos, but until summer comes around, this is just what I have to work with. Even Moo is looking stunned with the sudden unexpected sunlight.


Extreme (Mid~Air) Crochet


Ok, I’ve probably over-dramatized the title a little. Truthfully, I was sitting rather comfortably in a QANTAS A380. Technically though it was still mid-air.

I knew I’d need a craft project for the long flight. Of course, crochet was the obvious choice ~ isn’t it always?

A little while ago I found the amazing Deramores site. They sell an acrylic yarn that I’ve seen Lucy at Attic24 use, and I’ve often admired the colours. I’ve never particularly liked an acrylic before, but since deciding to do some crochet for charity, it’s often requested for baby blankets, etc. I guess it’s easier to wash, and not itchy like wool may be.

I spent weeks deciding exactly what yarns to pack for the plane journey. Imagine the trauma of being all that way up in the air and just not having the right yarn? I know, quite shocking. Then, since the Deramores yarn comes in massive 100g balls, I had to re-wind the colours I wanted into smaller amounts.

So, this is where I got to, before tragedy struck. Yes, I ran out of the lilac, half way around a granny square row. Sigh.


This baby blanket and beanie are destined for a charity that supplies blankets and newborn outfits to hospitals in less-well-off areas.


The yarn is a selection from these awesome 17 colours that I ordered. Even with delivery costs to Australia, the price was very reasonable.


Do you think pom poms on the corner of the blanket?


I thought there should be at least one picture with a typical New York background.