Did somebody say Doily?


We’re frantically cleaning house this week, as my in-laws are coming to stay with us. Husband and I are going on a Big Adventure for three weeks and of course, we can’t just leave Moo with anybody….

So, I’ve been organising the spare bedroom, and thought it needed just a few extra pieces of crochet before it was quite ready.

Obviously, there are two of these ~ one for each bedside table. They actually look quite nice with the cheap Ikea touch-lamps. Don’t touch-lamps provided just hours of mindless entertainment?

The yarn: Koigu 4ply, 100% merino – yum!

The pattern: Granny Mandala from Crochet with Raymond.

Home at last


Ok, I guess “at last” is not really necessary, since I was only away Monday to Friday. But it sure felt longer. I really miss my time just being at home… except when there’s a mound of post-travelling washing like there was this weekend.

Anyway, here is the present for my mother that I was talking about in my last post. The yarn is by Katia, called Gatsby. Doesn’t it look rather Gatsbyish to you? It does to me.

And here it is, in-situ in it’s new home. Do you like it? Do you like the terrarium? I think it’s really cool, and I want one!

We couldn’t resist a picture with my mum’s new snails, bought back from Venice. They too look happy with their new mandala.

PS Moo is very happy to have me home, just in case you were wondering….

Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair


Yesterday I went to the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair. I went last year, but it was really more about quilts. This year, they advertised it as more craft – crochet, knitting, yarn, etc etc.

It was certainly an improvement on last year, but I must say they really don’t seem to have caught up with current crafting trends. There were some lovely yarn stores though, and some brands I’d never seen before. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but I just wasn’t that inspired. But it won’t stop me going again next year, it was still better than no craft fair at all – and if you’re in to quilting, it would’ve been right up your alley.

Of course, it wasn’t a complete loss.

There was one little store down the end of an aisle that had the most gorgeous embroidery threads … tiny little spools in some wonderful colours. The lady was extremely helpful and informative when I said I’d not heard of Perle cotton before.

Perle cotton is basically a twisted 2-ply thread with a high sheen. The sizes (or weights) are numbered, the smaller the number the thicker the thread.

I bought 3 spools of this Valdani in size 8. Of course, I’m going to try making a doily with it.

Moo doesn’t think we have enough doilies yet either.

You can never have enough doillies ~ Part 2


Husband was rather fond of the lovely pink doily I made myself here, but of course, he needed something a little more manly.

So here it is. I thought I was using Rowan 4ply Cotton, but two rows from the end I was alarmed to see that I wasn’t going to have enough to finish. I couldn’t work out what was wrong, since I definitely used the same 3.5mm hook.

Well, I just paid a little visit to one of my favourite yarn shops, and it seems I might have actually been using something that looked similar, but was actually more like a 5ply ~ which does explain the slightly thicker texture.

Oh well, husband is not that fussy, and I do rather like the lighter green border. Excuse the lack of trinkets in this photo – husband wasn’t having any of it!

And just because, here are my favourite Tulip Etimo Pink Crochet Hooks. Husband bought me this set for Christmas. I’ve been wanting and wanting for them, simply for ages. They had to come all the way from the UK, but I swear my crochet is just that little bit sweeter for these splending little lovelies.

You can never have enough Doilies


…. or so my mother-in-law informed me 14 years ago on my wedding day. I had just opened a gift from Great Aunt Myrtle and was looking curiously at some hand made doilies, wondering what anyone would do with something hand made and crochetted. How things change!

It is time for some new doilies.

We have been without bed-side tables for about six months now, ever since husband built us a new bed, and the old tables no longer fit. The cardboard box tables were becoming a little embarassing – it’s been many many years since milk crates and boxes were acceptable furniture in our first rental apartment.

So we bid on some lovely art deco side tables on ebay last week. Husband decided they were just The Thing, once we had a couple of doilies on top!

The yarn: Rowan cotton glace 4ply, purchased last summer in lovely floral shades to make crochet flowers.

The pattern: I’ve been wanting to try this Granny Mandala from Crochet with Raymond for a Very Long Time now.

I’ve not crochetted with 4ply before, but it really wasn’t as hard as I expected.

And here it is, the Finished Product.

I’m thinking the lime green for husband’s side. You really can never have enough doilies…