KOGO ~ Knit One Give One


KOGO is made up of a group of wonderful volunteer knitters and crocheters based in Melbourne, who make blankets, hats, scarves, toys and lots lots more for those in need.

A friend of mine has knitted for KOGO for years, and it’s often been on my “To Do List” to make something, but I never quite got around to it.  But then another group I belong to suggested making a Granny-Square-A-Day, then sewing them into blankets for KOGO.

So, I’m getting started….




This is based on a blanket I’ve been admiring on Purl Bee for ages. It’s called Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, and it’s so gorgeous.


I’m using up leftovers from my pink stash, so hopefully a little baby girl somewhere will like this 🙂


Spring Blanket ~ Part 2


Just a small update on the Spring Blanket that I’m making for my mother.

Progress has been slow but steady. I thought I was one third complete, but after laying it out, I realised that 8 x 8 is really too small, and we will need 8 x 10. Therefore, I’m only a quarter there, sigh.

Do you like it? The pattern is called Willow. See this post.

On Monday we’re going on a Big Adventure, starting with a Very Big Plane Ride. I’m planning to get at least another ten squares complete, as long as they let me take my hook on the plane! I’ve bought a cheaper bamboo one, just in case. I’d hate for them to confiscate my Tulip Etimo Pink one, my goodness!

Granny Square Sunday #11


…and today we have Queen Anne’s Lace.

In the book, it was all one colour in cream, probably important to get the lace look! It was really nice to crochet a square in one colour. I must admit to being a teeny bit lazy, and the whole one colour / less ends to sew in does kind of appeal to me a little.

I bought this yarn online from a store called Yarn Glorious Yarn. Isn’t that just a fabulous name? And the lady who emailed me when I put in the order seemed as lovely as her shop name.

The yarn is called Koigu. It’s 4ply 100% merino wool, and just gorgeous to crochet with. The colours are called “Painters Pallette” and each skein has been hand painted. I bought 2 skeins for $30, and delivery was free ~ which was just one more tick as far as I was concerned.

Granny Square Sunday #10


Here we have Daisy Chain. It’s been such gorgeous spring weather here the last two days, that Daisy Chain seemed rather appropriate.

Of course, it’s crochetted using Rowan Cotton Glace (no eye-rolls please!).. and also some left over Rowan Cotton (discontinued). I really do much prefer the Glace, it has such a lovely shine to it, and just glides beautifully through the hook.

Granny Square Sunday #9


Please meet Old Vienna.

Another of the trial squares for the Spring Blanket (which I’m pleased to report is coming along nicely with a quarter of the squares completed).

Old Vienna is made using Rowan Cotton Glace in Shoot (colour 814). I’m not sure how I’m ever going to be able to crochet using any other yarn now. This really is the loveliest to work with.

I started a new project last night… but it’s currently a little secret, as it’s for a friend who reads this blog. I’ll hurry up and finish it, and post pictures as soon as it arrives on her doorstep (don’t want to ruin the surprise)!

Granny Square Sunday #8


Ok, it’s no longer Sunday, in fact it’s Tuesday ~ ooops!

Please meet Lacy Cross, number 8 in the Miscellaneous Granny Square Collection.

This was one of the trial granny squares for my mother’s Spring Blanket. In fact, we nearly decided to do half Lacy Cross / half Willow, (see yesterday’s post). But then we decided it was just too much pink, so Lacy Cross has been added to the Miscellaneous Granny Square Collection.

Granny Square Sunday #7



I’m making a summer throw rug for my mother. This is one of the sample squares, but I don’t think I’ll be using it. We really want to have some black in some of the squares. Black is such a stark colour, it’s really hard to get it to work without being overpowering.

I’ll post the final decisions later this week!



Granny Square Sunday #5


Ok, this one is a day late, oops! It is called Anenome. I rather like it, but I’m not crazy about the colours. I probably shouldn’t have photographed it on a green background either, oops again!

I wish I had more to show you, but I just don’t have anything much finished this week, although lots of works in progress of course.

Actually, there was a little something that arrived in the post, from the lovely Morris and Sons yarn store in the city. It’s one of their own yarns, called Quartet, in Hypnotic. It’s made from 70% wool and 30% soy bean silk fibre. What’s not to love?

And since I had a voucher, so it wasn’t “real” money, I also bought this lovely pattern ~ Leura Crocheted Scarf. It’s doesn’t look that hard.

Granny Square Sunday #4


I must say there hasn’t been a lot of crochet being done this week. Moo and I had a bit of a scare earlier in the week. We were going for our walk the other evening, minding our own business, and just around the corner from home another dog suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked Moo. It was completely unprovoked and very scary. Moo wasn’t hurt though, thank goodness – I think it was me that was more traumatized by the whole incident actually!

It’s taken me a little time to get back into things.

We do have a new granny square though. It’s called Bogonia. It’s not a favourite, but that’s kind of what can be expected for the week!