Granny Square Sunday #5


Ok, this one is a day late, oops! It is called Anenome. I rather like it, but I’m not crazy about the colours. I probably shouldn’t have photographed it on a green background either, oops again!

I wish I had more to show you, but I just don’t have anything much finished this week, although lots of works in progress of course.

Actually, there was a little something that arrived in the post, from the lovely Morris and Sons yarn store in the city. It’s one of their own yarns, called Quartet, in Hypnotic. It’s made from 70% wool and 30% soy bean silk fibre. What’s not to love?

And since I had a voucher, so it wasn’t “real” money, I also bought this lovely pattern ~ Leura Crocheted Scarf. It’s doesn’t look that hard.

Granny Square Sunday #4


I must say there hasn’t been a lot of crochet being done this week. Moo and I had a bit of a scare earlier in the week. We were going for our walk the other evening, minding our own business, and just around the corner from home another dog suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked Moo. It was completely unprovoked and very scary. Moo wasn’t hurt though, thank goodness – I think it was me that was more traumatized by the whole incident actually!

It’s taken me a little time to get back into things.

We do have a new granny square though. It’s called Bogonia. It’s not a favourite, but that’s kind of what can be expected for the week!

Granny a (Sun)day


Sundays are really not my favourite days. I think this is something I got from my Nanna – she didn’t like Sundays either. Sundays are kind of a nothing day. They don’t have the excitement of end-of-week Friday, or the possibilities of first-day-of-the-weekend Saturday. It’s more of a waiting-for-Monday day.

So, I thought I would start a new Sunday Tradition. A Granny-Square-a-Sunday. I know most bloggers seem to go for a Granny-a-Day… but that’s just too much of a commitment for me, haha!

So here, is my first. This is called a Briar Rose.

… and, umm, a second! This is called Coffee and Cream. But I did change the colours.

These are both in “200 Crochet Blocksby Jan Eaton. It’s such a gorgeous book. The patterns are really easy to follow, with three difficulty levels marked. 1 hook = beginners, 2 hooks = some experience, and 3 = challenging. Both these squares had 2 hooks, but they were definitely challenging to me!

Next Sunday’s square is called Edwardian Fancy. Doesn’t that sound Rather Lovely? Now which colour?

Oh, and Moo doesn’t particularly like Sundays either…. Her eyes look a little red in this picture… maybe she had a big night on Saturday?