Happy Birthday Mum!


After seeing my MacBook Cozy, Mum asked me to make one for her too. As it was her birthday yesterday I was happy to oblige. Happy Birthday Mum!!! Of course, I would have obliged anyway, birthday or no birthday. 😀


My mother and I have rather different tastes though – she prefers things a little more “bling” than I do ….

Mac_25sml Mac_29sml

The yarn is Gatsby, by Katia. It does look like it’s straight from the era of Gatsby, doesn’t it? It’s made of Viscose, Nylon and Metallic Polyester.


The metallic gives it a nice sparkly effect under lights.


Home at last


Ok, I guess “at last” is not really necessary, since I was only away Monday to Friday. But it sure felt longer. I really miss my time just being at home… except when there’s a mound of post-travelling washing like there was this weekend.

Anyway, here is the present for my mother that I was talking about in my last post. The yarn is by Katia, called Gatsby. Doesn’t it look rather Gatsbyish to you? It does to me.

And here it is, in-situ in it’s new home. Do you like it? Do you like the terrarium? I think it’s really cool, and I want one!

We couldn’t resist a picture with my mum’s new snails, bought back from Venice. They too look happy with their new mandala.

PS Moo is very happy to have me home, just in case you were wondering….