Nicholas Building ~ Open Studios


The Nicholas Building is an amazing old building in the city, home to many of Melbourne’s artisans and crafts people.

Each year, they open their studios to the public, in a once only Open Studios event. I’ve been the last three years, and always find it amazing.

Besides the talent and variety of the studios, the building itself is really interesting. It’s just a little bit creepy. I hope it’s ok to say that, I don’t think I’d be the only person who would think so. It’s the kind of place, where if working late at night and you heard a strange noise, you’d think the worst!

I think this pic gives a bit of an idea of what I’m talking about.

Floor 2, Studio 5

The sweetest little shop called Puccello Vintage Haberdashery. I couldn’t find a web link. Strange. Maybe they’re the only place left in existence that doesn’t have a website?

They sell vintage haberdashery, a lovely array of Liberty print fabric, crochet thread, exquisite crocheted scarves, 100% wool felt… and just too much to name.

This is what I bought. Maybe it will crochet into a nice basket?

Floor 3, Studio 10

Dead & Buried is the workshop of some talented Melbourne jewellers and a shoe-maker. One of the jewellers, Emily Green, makes these delightful coloured necklaces. I’ve long been coveting one. I bought one for a friend for her birthday, but have been dreaming of having my own.


Moo was not sure why I was out in the yard on such a cold Saturday afternoon photographing jewellery, when I should’ve been on the sofa being a Moo-pillow and turning the heater on. She is ready for summer!