A different kind of Advent


I was reading over at Meet Me at Mikes, home of the lovely Pip Lincolne of Blog with Pip fame. Pip is making A Pom Pom a Day in December. She is hanging them on a special re-purposed stick from her local park, and is her special kind of Advent Calendar.

Pompom_12smlI thought this was a lovely idea. Of course, we can’t possibly hang them on a stick in this house ~ Moo would not understand the idea of miscellaneous sticks that did not belong to her ~ but I’m sure we will come up with Plan B very quickly.

I guess we’re stretching the truth a little to call this an advent “calendar”, but once we take into account the Important Facts (IF), I think we will all agree that it’s just the right thing to do.

IF No. 1: Pom poms are easy, quick, and so much fun to make.
IF No. 2: Pom poms use up left-over yarn stash at an alarmingly speedy rate.
IF No. 3: You can never have too many pom poms.
IF No. 4. Pom poms are just so much fun to photograph!
IF No 5: Moo loves pom poms!


Pom_14smlI hope you’re all having a splendid Monday.

Love Terri and Moo xxx

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Just because…


I stumbled across a new blog today. I can’t remember how I got there – I never quite can – but I think reading about Matt and his life is going to be fun… and he hands down has the cutest blog header I’ve seen (I’m a little focused on blog header pictures at the moment)!

Anyway, what struck me was this post, where he talks about not being able to write a blog post until he’s finished a project – e.g. “each blog post MUST contain a perfectly photographed newly finished not-seen-before project”.

Yes, you’ve guessed it – no finished project here today 😀

I do have these rather scrumptious little pom poms though. They are my guilty pleasure… so easily whipped up in a few seconds, instead of emptying the dishwasher, doing the ironing, washing my hair….


I believe, they have plans to become a huge round pom-pom rug for my sewing room.


They’ll have to multiply by about 650 before then though.


Oh, and I’m this close to finishing a new project… actually, it would be done by now if not for the interfering pompoms.

…. ok, off to wash my hair…

I have no idea how it happened…


Completely innocently, I went into the sewing room to do the ironing.

….. and somehow these happened!



They made themselves so quickly and it was such fun, and all the little yarn scraps got themselves new homes.



I’m really not sure where this one came from. He’s quite hairy, isn’t he?


…. Moo is a worrier though… and was not quite sure about these pom pom things… and she knows the ironing will not do itself.