A birthday, prezzies, and a new project


Last Friday was my birthday, and husband and Moo bought me the best presents.


Firstly, there was this gorgeous Swift yarn winder. Isn’t it just lovely? It’s so much fun to play with (sorry, couldn’t get a great picture).


And to go with it, this yarn ball winder.

I must say, it is taking some practice to work the ball winder. The Swift works beautifully, and twirls around at a squillion miles an hour, but it’s so important to wind it evenly onto the ball.. and that is taking me some practice.


And from Moo for my birthday, two skeins of scrumptious Koigu Premium Merino. Of course, I had to wind this straight away.

So I spent half of last weekend winding and winding the lots of few skeins I had buried around my craft room. This is some Cascade Ultra Pima that arrived a while ago from Yarn Glorious Yarn. I love this little online store. Such great service, and often free postage too! At Christmas time, they even had free Express post for last minute orders.


Now that it’s all wound very fairly neatly, I’m starting a new project. Like the KOGO Blanket, this is the Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, from Purl Bee.


A friend of Moo’s mother is having a real (non-puppy) baby in April, and as she loves colours, I thought this would be perfect.


Moo thought we should be playing fetch though, not photography.


Oh, and Moo just informed me that the Swift winder and yarn ball winder can also be purchased at Yarn Glorious Yarn… not that she wanted to give away birthday prezzie sources or anything.

KOGO Blanket ~ Finished!


I started this blanket just after Christmas, during my lovely summer holiday, a distant memory, sigh.

I made it to use up all my leftover pink stash. Turns out, I had quite a bit of red too, plus I couldn’t help buying a few extra shades, just to finish it off, oops!



I’m very pleased with it. I’ve never joined squares using this method before, basically joining right sides, using DC stitches – first horizontal, then vertical. It helped keep the blanket “squarer” than any other method I’ve used.


I think the red “top stitching” kind of tied all the colours in too.


As I’ve mentioned before, this blanket is for KOGO (Knit One Give One), a Melbourne group of crafters who knit and crochet for charity.

Kogo_15sml Kogo_6sml

The pattern is on the gorgeous Purl Bee blog. It’s called Bear’s Rainbow Blanket.


Obviously, I’m going to have to pick out the black Moo-furs before I post it off! 😀

KOGO ~ Knit One Give One


KOGO is made up of a group of wonderful volunteer knitters and crocheters based in Melbourne, who make blankets, hats, scarves, toys and lots lots more for those in need.

A friend of mine has knitted for KOGO for years, and it’s often been on my “To Do List” to make something, but I never quite got around to it.  But then another group I belong to suggested making a Granny-Square-A-Day, then sewing them into blankets for KOGO.

So, I’m getting started….




This is based on a blanket I’ve been admiring on Purl Bee for ages. It’s called Bear’s Rainbow Blanket, and it’s so gorgeous.


I’m using up leftovers from my pink stash, so hopefully a little baby girl somewhere will like this 🙂