…and a matching doily…


After my recent Coaster Success, I thought a matching doily would be nice to complete my mother-in-law’s birthday gift.

Mandala_6smlI based this on a pattern by Nicki Trench, that was published in the Simply Crochet magazine, Issue 4. I love Nicki Trench and have a couple of her books. They’re really easy to follow, and have lots of lovely simple projects.

Mandala_5smlI wanted mine to be a little larger, so I added a few extra central rows.

Mandala_2smlI think it will match rather well, although I didn’t use any cream in the coasters. Maybe a few more coasters are in order – cream and black.


Coaster Success ~ I hope!


As I mentioned the other day, my lovely Mother-in-Law has requested some new coasters to replace ones I made for her a while ago that have become a little tatty.

The thing about coasters, in my opinion, is that they do need to be a little robust ~ capable of coping with an icy beer can, or absorbing a scattered biscuit crumb or two.

The size also has to be just right, I think.  Too small and a wine glass could topple drunkenly over the edge. Too large, and they start to look more like a small place-mat.

After a number failed attempts, I do think we have success.

Coasters_7sml Coasters_8sml Coasters_5sml Coasters_14sml  Coasters_9smlWhat do you think?

These are all made using Rowan Cotton Glace yarn and a 3mm hook.

In other news, I’ve just purchased some crochet pattern-making software from StitchWorksSoftware. If anybody is interested, I could try writing up the pattern. xxx

Is it a Mandala or a Doily?


I never have quite worked out what to call these … is it a mandala, or is it a doily? Apparently, a mandala is a “square within a circle” and a doily is a “decorative mat”. Well, there’s no square within the circle, but it still seems to be the common term.

I was reading Wink’s gorgeous blog the other day, which inspired me to make something a bit more multi-coloured. Whilst this isn’t an exact pattern from Wink, I did read about the way she finishes off each row and sews in the end, before starting the new row in a different spot. Normally, I’m too lazy for such things, but honestly, I think the effect is worth it ~ much neater.

This Doilandala (yes, we’re going with that) is primarily Rowan Cotton Glace, with a small amount of Koigu.


Mandala_2smlDoilandala was gifted to a lovely lady as a small birthday something.

Mandala_9smlI rather like the colour combination.

Mandala_19smlMoo is not amused that Doilandala seems to be taking over the back garden!


Spring Blanket ~ Finished!


I can’t believe it. It’s finished!

I’m so pleased. I really didn’t think I’d get it finished in time for Christmas.

But here it is. Do you like it? I’m sure I’ll like it in a little while – just for now, I’d rather not see it again for a little bit :).



Blanket_10sml Blanket_11sml Blanket_12sml

It feels odd to be between projects….

Spring Blanket ~ Part 3


I’ve decided to concentrate all  crafting efforts on finishing this Spring Blanket in time to give it to my mother on Christmas Day.

It’s not like it has to be finished ~ she certainly doesn’t expect it, but really, there’s nothing quite like a deadline, is there?

Also, I’m just not enjoying my other projects, because I know in my heart of hearts that I should be crocheting more of these Willow Squares.

I need 80 in total for an 8 x 10 blanket. I’m hoping that’s enough, but I’m not game to lay it out and look yet, because I’m not sure I could cope if it needs more, lol! I can always do a lovely big border :D.

– I have 22 squares to go
– They take just under an hour each
– I’m making 3 per night
– I will have the squares finished in a week
– And another week to make up the blanket

That leaves a whole ten days to finish every other craft project I have to finish before Christmas.

I mean, how hard can it be, really?

Cozy hot water bottle cover


I guess I’m getting old, sigh. I’ve had ongoing back pain, and was recently diagnosed as having arthritis in my back, sigh again.

Although it’s much better now, thank goodness, I’ve spent much of the last month semi-permanently attached to a hot water bottle.

So, in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, I thought I needed a pretty hot water bottle cover.

I’m quite pleased with this, especially making it “from scratch” without a pattern to follow. I wanted to use some of my stash of Rowan Cotton Glace. Blue is really not a colour I work with very often, but I think this works.

Do you like the button flower? I think, if I’m not very careful, I could become ever so slightly obsessed with buttons. 🙂

Spring Blanket ~ Part 2


Just a small update on the Spring Blanket that I’m making for my mother.

Progress has been slow but steady. I thought I was one third complete, but after laying it out, I realised that 8 x 8 is really too small, and we will need 8 x 10. Therefore, I’m only a quarter there, sigh.

Do you like it? The pattern is called Willow. See this post.

On Monday we’re going on a Big Adventure, starting with a Very Big Plane Ride. I’m planning to get at least another ten squares complete, as long as they let me take my hook on the plane! I’ve bought a cheaper bamboo one, just in case. I’d hate for them to confiscate my Tulip Etimo Pink one, my goodness!

Granny Square Sunday #10


Here we have Daisy Chain. It’s been such gorgeous spring weather here the last two days, that Daisy Chain seemed rather appropriate.

Of course, it’s crochetted using Rowan Cotton Glace (no eye-rolls please!).. and also some left over Rowan Cotton (discontinued). I really do much prefer the Glace, it has such a lovely shine to it, and just glides beautifully through the hook.

Cozy Tea ~ A Sip of Spring


And here is what I’ve been working on this week, that I couldn’t talk about until it had winged its way to its new home with Suse. Now that she’s received it (and likes it, yay!), here it is!

I’m rather ridiculously pleased with it. Firstly, because it’s the first proper thing I’ve ever made without a pattern. Secondly, because even though it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d envisaged, I think it’s really simple but still so cute!

So, here it is, A Sip of Spring.

Using Rowan Cotton Glace (of course), and discontinued Rowan Cotton in the pale lemon.

Suse originally sent me dimensions of the tea pot, and a photo, but I just wasn’t quite getting it. So, I went and bought a pot to build it on, so that it would be exactly right. Of course, now I end up with a spare tea pot… which will just have to have it’s own little cozy for meeee!

Here are some (lots!) more pictures. I couldn’t quite help myself…

The flower and butterfly I didn’t design myself.

The pansy is from a great little book called “100 flowers to knit & crochet” by Lesley Stanfield. And it was hard to crochet. It was in the section called “Advanced”. Well, I thought I was advanced, but it took a whole evening and quite a few swears (Moo had to cover her ears with her paws)… but we got there eventually.

The butterfly is from a book called “75 birds, bees, butterflies & bugs to knit and crochet” by Lesley Stanfield. Thankfully, it was much easier than the pansy.

Now, Moo has only met Suse once, when she came to stay for a lovely long weekend. Moo loved Suse, of course, and just couldn’t let A Sip of Spring go without a good-luck lick.

Granny Square Sunday #9


Please meet Old Vienna.

Another of the trial squares for the Spring Blanket (which I’m pleased to report is coming along nicely with a quarter of the squares completed).

Old Vienna is made using Rowan Cotton Glace in Shoot (colour 814). I’m not sure how I’m ever going to be able to crochet using any other yarn now. This really is the loveliest to work with.

I started a new project last night… but it’s currently a little secret, as it’s for a friend who reads this blog. I’ll hurry up and finish it, and post pictures as soon as it arrives on her doorstep (don’t want to ruin the surprise)!