Granny Square Sunday #8


Ok, it’s no longer Sunday, in fact it’s Tuesday ~ ooops!

Please meet Lacy Cross, number 8 in the Miscellaneous Granny Square Collection.

This was one of the trial granny squares for my mother’s Spring Blanket. In fact, we nearly decided to do half Lacy Cross / half Willow, (see yesterday’s post). But then we decided it was just too much pink, so Lacy Cross has been added to the Miscellaneous Granny Square Collection.

Spring Blanket


Last week I got a text from my mother, asking me if I’d knit or crochet her a throw rug / blanket to keep her warm during evening telly-watching. I was rather ridiculously excited about this proposition, I’m actually a little bit thrilled that Mum likes my crochet. She’s a rather Modern Mother, and not normally into all-things-granny.

Of course, as Mum wants this throw rug sometime this century, knitting was not going to be an option, ha!

After many discussions, yarn store visits and cups of tea, we decided that the only way to proceed would be two blankets – a Spring / Summer Blanket, and a Winter Blanket.

Our original plan was to choose a colour pallet, then choose 3 or 4 different granny squares, and make a mix and match blanket. But after a  late night of furious crochet last Saturday, it just wasn’t coming together how I’d hoped.

Of course, this called for more tea and mother / daughter discussions, and this is what we decided on. Just one square, repeated 8 x 8.

We’re using Rowan Glace Cotton Yarn, in Ivy, Shoot, Black and Bubbles (aren’t those names delicious)? And the square is called Willow.