A Prickly Present!


My goodness it was hot today! It reached 40.8 C in Melbourne this afternoon, and at nearly 8pm it’s still 39 Celsius.

Since this latest project is actually a belated Christmas present for a friend and still needs to be posted to the other side of the country, I thought I better get it photographed and wrapped – regardless of the heat and fading light.

Pin Cushion_9sml

Pin Cushion_1sml

I’ve been wanting to try out this pin cushion pattern for a while now. I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest and Flickr of similar, but haven’t actually seen a pattern.

Pin Cushion_6sml

Pin Cushion_2sml

So, this was a made-up-by-me effort, and I’m quite pleased with it. Actually, I wrote down the pattern so if anyone wants it, I could certainly try to transcribe it into something half coherent!

Pin Cushion_7sml

This was made using Rowan 4ply Cotton. I love this yarn. It could be made quicker using an 8ply, but I like the finer look of the 4ply.

Pin Cushion_10sml

Moo really had no interest, it was so much nicer on the sofa in front of the aircon.

Pin Cushion_16sml

Well, I better get it wrapped up and posted!

Granny Square Sunday #3


Meet Granny-Square #3, Framed Flower. This is my favourite one yet – super-easy to make, no fiddly little circles or corners.

…. and another lovely day here today. There is a feeling of spring in the air, but it’s probably my imagination since it’s still July. Oh well, we can hope!

Granny a (Sun)day


Sundays are really not my favourite days. I think this is something I got from my Nanna – she didn’t like Sundays either. Sundays are kind of a nothing day. They don’t have the excitement of end-of-week Friday, or the possibilities of first-day-of-the-weekend Saturday. It’s more of a waiting-for-Monday day.

So, I thought I would start a new Sunday Tradition. A Granny-Square-a-Sunday. I know most bloggers seem to go for a Granny-a-Day… but that’s just too much of a commitment for me, haha!

So here, is my first. This is called a Briar Rose.

… and, umm, a second! This is called Coffee and Cream. But I did change the colours.

These are both in “200 Crochet Blocksby Jan Eaton. It’s such a gorgeous book. The patterns are really easy to follow, with three difficulty levels marked. 1 hook = beginners, 2 hooks = some experience, and 3 = challenging. Both these squares had 2 hooks, but they were definitely challenging to me!

Next Sunday’s square is called Edwardian Fancy. Doesn’t that sound Rather Lovely? Now which colour?

Oh, and Moo doesn’t particularly like Sundays either…. Her eyes look a little red in this picture… maybe she had a big night on Saturday?

You can never have enough doillies ~ Part 2


Husband was rather fond of the lovely pink doily I made myself here, but of course, he needed something a little more manly.

So here it is. I thought I was using Rowan 4ply Cotton, but two rows from the end I was alarmed to see that I wasn’t going to have enough to finish. I couldn’t work out what was wrong, since I definitely used the same 3.5mm hook.

Well, I just paid a little visit to one of my favourite yarn shops, and it seems I might have actually been using something that looked similar, but was actually more like a 5ply ~ which does explain the slightly thicker texture.

Oh well, husband is not that fussy, and I do rather like the lighter green border. Excuse the lack of trinkets in this photo – husband wasn’t having any of it!

And just because, here are my favourite Tulip Etimo Pink Crochet Hooks. Husband bought me this set for Christmas. I’ve been wanting and wanting for them, simply for ages. They had to come all the way from the UK, but I swear my crochet is just that little bit sweeter for these splending little lovelies.

You can never have enough Doilies


…. or so my mother-in-law informed me 14 years ago on my wedding day. I had just opened a gift from Great Aunt Myrtle and was looking curiously at some hand made doilies, wondering what anyone would do with something hand made and crochetted. How things change!

It is time for some new doilies.

We have been without bed-side tables for about six months now, ever since husband built us a new bed, and the old tables no longer fit. The cardboard box tables were becoming a little embarassing – it’s been many many years since milk crates and boxes were acceptable furniture in our first rental apartment.

So we bid on some lovely art deco side tables on ebay last week. Husband decided they were just The Thing, once we had a couple of doilies on top!

The yarn: Rowan cotton glace 4ply, purchased last summer in lovely floral shades to make crochet flowers.

The pattern: I’ve been wanting to try this Granny Mandala from Crochet with Raymond for a Very Long Time now.

I’ve not crochetted with 4ply before, but it really wasn’t as hard as I expected.

And here it is, the Finished Product.

I’m thinking the lime green for husband’s side. You really can never have enough doilies…