106 Days till Christmas!


Well, I bet that got everybody’s attention, didn’t it? 😀

I was thinking my theme for this year would be “A Handmade Christmas“. Do you think it’s too early to start planning? Or, if I’m going to make some of my gifts and decorations, is it too late to start planning maybe?

In keeping with my Handmade Christmas idea, I have started making doilies. Or maybe it’s the other way around ~ a Handmade Christmas to justify my obsessive doily and bunting production :D.

Doily_24smlThese patterns (and many more still to come) are all from Issue 8 of Simply Crochet Magazine. I love this magazine. As the title suggests, the patterns really are quite simple.

Doily_26sml Doily_25smlDoily_27smlI figure if I make one doily per week until Christmas, I should have enough.

…and a matching doily…


After my recent Coaster Success, I thought a matching doily would be nice to complete my mother-in-law’s birthday gift.

Mandala_6smlI based this on a pattern by Nicki Trench, that was published in the Simply Crochet magazine, Issue 4. I love Nicki Trench and have a couple of her books. They’re really easy to follow, and have lots of lovely simple projects.

Mandala_5smlI wanted mine to be a little larger, so I added a few extra central rows.

Mandala_2smlI think it will match rather well, although I didn’t use any cream in the coasters. Maybe a few more coasters are in order – cream and black.