Not Your Average Crochet ~ CAL


It took me a while to work out what a CAL was ~ honestly I think I have my head buried in the sand half the time!

I found this Crochet-A-Long a few weeks ago, at Not Your Average Crochet by the lovely Hannah. You can see the finished blanket here. Isn’t it stunning?

I started out using the same colours as Hannah, but last week I included some colours that are a bit more me. It’s cold and wet here in Melbourne at the moment, and I was making this last weekend with my Gypsy Caravan Blanket over my lap. I realised that these two blankets would probably end up folded up together at some stage, so they needed to match to some extent.


This is the first CAL I’ve ever done, and it’s so delightful. I know that if I had the pattern for this blanket all at once, it would seem just too big of a task ~ I’d probably give up. This way, we get a bite-sized portion every Saturday morning at 1 minute past midnight. Much more doable!


As is usual lately, this is made using Stylecraft Special DK, for many reasons. 1. It’s cheap. 2. It comes in so many colours. 3. It’s machine washable!


PS: Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments on our blog-aversary. You’re all very kind, and it was so nice to read so many replies. xxx

PPS: Yes, I know, I’m meant to be finishing off that other fingerless glove. Tomorrow….