Spring Blanket ~ Finished!


I can’t believe it. It’s finished!

I’m so pleased. I really didn’t think I’d get it finished in time for Christmas.

But here it is. Do you like it? I’m sure I’ll like it in a little while – just for now, I’d rather not see it again for a little bit :).



Blanket_10sml Blanket_11sml Blanket_12sml

It feels odd to be between projects….

Spring Blanket ~ Part 3


I’ve decided to concentrate all  crafting efforts on finishing this Spring Blanket in time to give it to my mother on Christmas Day.

It’s not like it has to be finished ~ she certainly doesn’t expect it, but really, there’s nothing quite like a deadline, is there?

Also, I’m just not enjoying my other projects, because I know in my heart of hearts that I should be crocheting more of these Willow Squares.

I need 80 in total for an 8 x 10 blanket. I’m hoping that’s enough, but I’m not game to lay it out and look yet, because I’m not sure I could cope if it needs more, lol! I can always do a lovely big border :D.

– I have 22 squares to go
– They take just under an hour each
– I’m making 3 per night
– I will have the squares finished in a week
– And another week to make up the blanket

That leaves a whole ten days to finish every other craft project I have to finish before Christmas.

I mean, how hard can it be, really?

Spring Blanket ~ Part 2


Just a small update on the Spring Blanket that I’m making for my mother.

Progress has been slow but steady. I thought I was one third complete, but after laying it out, I realised that 8 x 8 is really too small, and we will need 8 x 10. Therefore, I’m only a quarter there, sigh.

Do you like it? The pattern is called Willow. See this post.

On Monday we’re going on a Big Adventure, starting with a Very Big Plane Ride. I’m planning to get at least another ten squares complete, as long as they let me take my hook on the plane! I’ve bought a cheaper bamboo one, just in case. I’d hate for them to confiscate my Tulip Etimo Pink one, my goodness!